about Dragon Fruit,

    a Superfruit of the first magnitude.

Superfruit called Dragon Fruit

What is Dragon Fruit? 
The Dragon Fruit (also known as pitahaya, strawberry pear, nanettikafruit, huo long guo or thanh long) is the fruit of several cactus species, especially of the genus Hylocereus, but also Selenicereus. Native to Mexico and Central and South America, these vine-like epiphytic cacti are also successfully cultivated for many years in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand as well as Taiwan, Okinawa, Israel, and southern China.
The Dragon Fruit belongs to a group of
exotic plants that produce a most incredible, edible fruit, commonly known as

Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya.

These gangly, rambling cacti grow stems up to 10 feet long and resemble the beautiful epiphyllums in both flowers and green growth, however the fruit of Pitahaya is much larger, sometimes up to 4 pounds, sweet and delicious. Hylocereus Undatus, the most commonly grown Dragon Fruit in Southern California, has a bright magenta outer shell with a soft, white or reddish, juicy center, laced with tiny black seeds — a Kiwi-like texture. The flavor is sweet and fruity, unlike anything you have ever tasted before. It thrives in Southern California in frost-free areas when provided with some shade.    

*The expression “Superfruits,” is an astonishingly flexible marketing term that seems to generally refer to fruits heavy in antioxidants, but for which “there is no scientific or regulatory definition,” says Jeffrey Blumberg, director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s antioxidants research laboratory.

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